Turpial is the studio of Ricardo Henriquez. Designer and Front End Developer
from Austin, Texas.

Currently at IBM Design


Brand Indentity

The visual system that expresses your personality and your values. A memorable brand identity will help your company or product outshine the competition. Together we will create a branding strategy that best visually interprets your company.

Web Design & UI

Together we'll design an exceptional website implementing your brand indentity and focusing on a great user experience. We'll captivate visitors with design elements that will be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and deliver results.

Web Development & CMS

Once we’ve nailed the design, I’ll use a variety of technologies to bring your site to life. Stringing together ones and zeros I'll construct a site with an easy to use content management system before finally testing and launching.

Selected Clients

I've had the privilge to have worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of clients, each with a unique problem set and perspective.

  • IBM logo
  • Scott and White logo
  • HPI logo
  • Habitat for Humanity logo
  • Carter's logo
  • Capridge logo

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