Turpial is the studio of Ricardo Henriquez. Designer and Front End Developer
from Austin, Texas.

Currently at IBM Design

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Selected Work


Brand Indentity

The visual system that expresses your personality and your values. A memorable brand identity will help your company or product outshine the competition. Together we will create a branding strategy that best visually interprets your company.

Web Design & UI

Together we'll design an exceptional website implementing your brand indentity and focusing on a great user experience. We'll captivate visitors with design elements that will be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and deliver results.

Web Development & CMS

Once we’ve nailed the design, I’ll use a variety of technologies to bring your site to life. Stringing together ones and zeros I'll construct a site with an easy to use content management system before finally testing and launching.

Selected Clients

I've had the privilge to have worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of clients, each with a unique problem set and perspective.

  • IBM logo
  • Scott and White logo
  • HPI logo
  • Habitat for Humanity logo
  • Carter's logo
  • Capridge logo

Latest from the Notebook

Sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences related to design and development.

Making a responsive calendar for dynamic dates using Flexbox

Making a responsive calendar for dynamic dates using Flexbox

How to take advantage of the Flexbox layout mode and Sass to create a responsive calendar

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